Review – Mienke’s Mom

When we needed to find a school for our 3 month old baby, it was probably one of the most difficult things that we ever had to do! You want to be able to leave your baby in even more capable hands then yours, actually you believe no one will be able to be more capable than you with your baby J, and you need to be able to go to work and go on with your daily routine and not even for one second be wondering whether your baby is ok or not.

Your school was the first one that I had a look at. I merely drove past and decided I wanted to stop, unannounced J I absolutely loved it, everyone was really friendly and helpful, all the kiddies were very well looked after and happy, your facilities were very neat, clean and also very well looked after. Mienke was our first child and I had no idea how schools should look or operate. We went to look at a couple of other schools, but they just did not compare to anything we saw at your school!

Enrolling Mienke in your school was the best thing that we could have done!! I have never, not even once, went through a day where I had to stop and wonder whether Mienke was ok or not. She is in such good hands and she can not wait to go to school every day. When she sees her friends and any teacher from school she is all smiles J There is no better feeling for me, knowing that I take Mienke to school and she will be in the absolute best hands and I have complete peace of mind!!

Mienke absolutely loves her Teacher Reginah and she is so excited to see her every day. Most days Mienke is so tired by the time we get her that she falls asleep on the drive home. This is a sign that she is stimulated throughout the day and not just left in a chair somewhere inside to keep herself busy. There is always activities that you do with her and let her partake in and she enjoys it so much. I use to think that there is not much that a school can do with small babies, but you have definitely proved me wrong and I am so grateful for this!!

I have and will continue to recommend your school to anyone!! Thank you for all that you do for little Mienke, I do not think you will ever understand what it truly means to us!

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