Review – Tristyn’s Mom

First off, we have been through so many schools who were much cheaper and very sadly we got what we paid for. With too many children and inattentive staff members, Tristyn Milo had not progressed and most importantly, was not happy.

I was immediately put at ease when I found Wilro Kidz. Teacher Naz and Teacher Nicole is absolutely amazing with Tristyn Milo. With the one-on-one care and attention and the limited class members, Tristyn Milo is really happy at school and progressing. I love the extra murals that are offered and the way they work with the school is amazing. The activities and artwork are truly creative and things that children should do. I love the “vibe” of the school staff members. They truly love the kids and enjoy what they do. The best is how absolutely easy they are to talk to. Each time either myself or Tristyn Milo’s grandmother had any concerns or queries – we were easily able to speak to Nicole and Naz and we were listened to attentively. We are always kept up to date with any progress or concerns from the teacher’s end as well. The school hosts regular activities (such as Baker’s Day & Grandparents Day) that involve the kid’s families. We always get sent adorable photos of daily happenings such as newcomers, birthdays, special activities etc. and it’s absolutely wonderful. The kids get the best home-cooked meals and often I hear how many kids would have second and even third helpings! Each child are treated as an individual and if they need any extra help – it gets given to them.

Tristyn Milo has grown so much since he has been in Wilro Kidz and it’s sad that he will one day have to leave. This is truly the school that every child need to start at.

Tristyn Milo and I absolutely love this school and would highly recommend it to anyone!

Thank you Wilro Kidz 🙂

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