Baby Zoo

We take 4 babies in the Nursery (2 to 12 months). We keep it nice and small as babies get sick at schools and also they deserve the attention they need. Babies will be stimulated as per their age. The caregiver will also assist the little ones to reach their milestones.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

We take 7 children in this classroom (13 to 24 months). Once they move out of the Nursery they will move to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  All activities will be introduced in this classroom (eg blocks, treading, painting etc). The teacher will assist the children in all learning areas before they move over to the next classroom / age group.

The Smurfies

We take 12 in this classroom (24 to 36 months). Classroom size is bigger and having 12 in this classroom is perfect for the individual attention they deserve. All activities are set out in this class. Potty training normally takes place in this classroom. We have a qualified teacher that assists the children in all learning areas. The age is simply a guideline. We will assess the children on development. 


We take only 15 in this classroom. Once our little kiddies are fully potty trained they will move into this classroom. (3 to 5 years old). Worksheets will be introduced depending on the age. Children will be taught full responsibility in this classroom. The teacher in this age group / classroom will work on all developmental areas and prepare our little ones for big school. A lot of activities are done in this classroom and mainly all through play. 

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